Is Kayaking Good Exercise?

Some people wonder is kayaking good exercise? Or is it all too easy?

is kayaking good exerciseYes, it can be relaxing and therapeutic, but I would never call it easy! Some effort is definitely needed to control a kayak effectively.

As it turns out, not only is kayaking a great way to enjoy nature, it can be a great source of exercise.

How is Kayaking Good Exercise?

Count the calories!

Kayaking can be a great source of burning those extra calories! Get outside, enjoy nature, and burn some calories!

How many calories does Kayaking burn? Well, that’s a good question! I like to use this Activity Calculator form to estimate how many calories I have burned.

You can calculate your calories in US or Metric measurements according to which activity, by filling in your weight and time. Select Kayaking and enter your numbers! Be honest here! Don’t count the time of just floating around and enjoying the view! Add in the time of actually rowing and using some sort of effort in order to get an accurate calculation of the calories you have burned. Check it out! You might just be surprised!

Calorie comparisons that might shock you!

According to, Kayaking is right up there in when it comes to burring some calories! Here are some numbers to consider for a one-hour workout, of average body weight and effort!

  • Running; 700 calories.
  • Soccer: 600 calories
  • Biking; 560 calories.
  • Swimming; 550 calories.
  • Inline Skating; 500 calories.
  • Kayaking; 346 calories
  • Surfing; 208 calories.
  • Frisbee Toss: 208 calories.

Surprising! Right? Now remember, the number of calories burned will vary with the amount of effort that you put into the sport! For more vigorous activities like White Water Kayaking, you will burn a lot more calories than if you are paddling around a calm lake!

frisbee exercise

Is frisbee really fun for an hour?

Another important thing to remember when looking at these comparisons is this worked out per hour. So yes. frisbee toss is on the list but how many people actually play it for a full hour?

Kayaking is great for exercise as it’s easy to spend a few hours in one – even as a beginner. You can also take a rest when you get too tired and enjoy being out on the water.
I may be biased but kayaking is a lot of fun and something you’ll want to do more and more of. Which is quite the opposite of more mainstream exercise regimes.

Great Family Fun!

Kayaking is a great source of exercise for the entire family. With children today being glued to the T.V or their favorite electronic device, kayaking can offer a healthy change of pace.

is kayaking good exerciseI think that a lot of kids just get bored at home and turn to the electronics as a form of entertainment. Get them out of the house and start up a new and exciting hobby that will benefit everyone’s health at the same time.

Kayaking is also a great activity for the elderly and those with disabilities, too.

Here are some things to consider to help with getting the family involved:

Consider Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks can save when it comes to your wallet. Also, they take up much less space for transportation. You can transport many at one time without struggling with a car attachment and all that weight. You can find out more of the benefits of inflatable kayaks for kids here.

Life Jackets for everyone!

Make sure you buy a proper fitting life jacket for each member of the family!

Plan a special trip!

Next all you need to do is pack up a snack and plan on where to go! Ask the family for outing ideas! When your family feels that they have been involved with the trip and activity planning, it makes it that much more fun for everyone!

You can also check our page; 7 tips for kayaking with kids for more info.

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