7 Tips for Kayaking With Kids

Kayaking is fun and you don’t want to give up all the fun just because you have kids. However, your safety concerns just doubled (or even tripled) and now you also have to worry if it’s fun for them.

To help, here are 7 tips for kayaking with kids.

kayaking with kidsSafety first

First off, remember safety! Kids under the age of 12, in most states, are required to wear a life vest.

Remember that an adult sized life vest is not suitable for children, so it is important to find the right size life jacket for your child.

Make sure that your child knows how to properly put on and wear the life vest too.

Sit Safely

Most experts think that the best place for kids to sit is up in the front. This way, you can keep an eye out on them a bit easier and they can feel more secure knowing that they are being watched out for from behind! Smaller children can even sit between their parent’s legs in a smaller type of one seater Kayak. With the child in the front, it is easier to control and steer the kayak too. Plus, kids get the better view while sitting in the front!

Teach the Basics

It is tons of fun to teach your child new strategies like how to maneuver the Kayak, how to steer and make turns, and to create speed. It’s great fun for you to watch them grow in the sport.

It can be helpful to remember however that a child’s attention span can be limited, so don’t make it too challenging or expect too much at first. Give your child a chance to find their stride and let them stop when they get tired of rowing. This will keep everyone happy and enjoying their time out on the water.

By letting them just sit back and enjoy the ride, you will ultimately enjoy the ride more too.

Find Kid Friendly Waterways

Another good idea when kayaking with kids is to choose a safe, but scenic waterway. Slow flowing currents are always more suitable for children.

Make sure to look for waterways with fun, kid friendly attractions nearby. Maybe there’s a lake with a beach area for swimming? Pulling off of the water for a quick trip to a playground can be a fun idea. Thinking of these types of places to go kayaking with your children will keep the kids entertained and happy.

Also, always have a “Plan B” of somewhere else to go if the weather turns nasty. That’s the advantage of inflatable kayaks for kids. You can just stow them in the truck and off you go!

Bring Snacks

Always remember to bring snacks and maybe even pack up a picnic lunch or dinner. Kids will get hungry and by not having snacks available you are just asking for the whinging to begin.

Bring smaller, bagged up snacks with you on the kayak for a quick energy refill. For a longer trip, it’s always fun to scout out a great place to row ashore to share a lunch. Taking these important food breaks will keep the kids energized, happy, and entertained!

Bring Entertainment

Just in case your child isn’t as thrilled as you are about your fun filled kayaking trip, make sure to bring along some kid friendly entertainment. Simple water toys that can be used right from the kayak are really great options to have.

Have Fun & Keep Flowing!

Overall, when kayaking with kids, remember to have fun! Keep your trip plans simple and open to new ideas and suggestions. Children love when they have some input in a planned trip. Sometimes, going with the flow can be much more enjoyable than trying to keep to a planned itinerary.

Inflatable Kayaks for Kids

Inflatable Kayaks are a great way to introduce kids to kayaking. They’re cheap and easy to store and transport. If your child is like mine and doesn’t feel comfortable kayaking it alone, there are plenty of 2 person inflatables as well.

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