Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak Review

The Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak is one of the most popular whitewater IKs.

A lightweight yet durable inflatable kayak, it’s beloved by novice and veteran paddlers alike.


The Sea Eagle 330 weighs significantly less than any comparable hardshell counterpart, and it’s rated up to class III rapids.

With a weight load of 500 lbs and a list prices of just $239 on the Sea Eagle website, it’s a step up from many entry-level inflatables.

Let’s take a closer look at the appeal of the SE 330.

Lightweight  & Portable

The SE330 weighs in at just 29 pounds and fits into a bag a fraction of its’ size. Its’ compact size and lightweight build make transportation to and from boating sites exceptionally easy. Just deflate, stash in the back of your car, and inflate whenever the opportunity to hit the water arises.

Durable K80 PVC Hull

When buying an inflatable kayak, the number one concern is if it’s going to go “POP!”. You’ll be pleased to know the SE 330 is made of extremely tough 33 mil Polykrylar (a.k.a “K80 PVC”).

K80 PVC was designed to be tough, durable and resistant to UV light (a particular problem with inflatable kayaks), gas, oil and other chemicals. It’ll be fine scraping across rocks, tree branches and paws – should you take your dog along!

Twin-Skeg Tracking

A common problem with some inflatable kayaks is that they to track poorly compared to hardshells. The SE330 kayak features two rear skegs, significantly helping tracking and maneuvering of the boat.

This product tracks better than most of its inflatable competitors because of this innovation. These skegs also help increase the speed of your boat, making sure your paddling doesn’t go to waste.

Comfort & Storage

This kayak is perfect for a single paddler and their gear, giving legroom for even taller kayakers. As a double it is a bit cramped, and while tandem paddling can be done, space for gear is limited.

The basic seats for this kayak are a bit flimsy, offering limited back support. But a seat upgrade package is available, which provides sturdy and supporting seats, allowing hours of paddling without soreness.


The Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak is great for leisurely days on the lake, for serious creekers and even out on the open sea.

While many hardshell and inflatable kayaks are limited in their use due to design, this kayak is very versatile. It has a hull designed to keep the rider afloat and to be stable even on rock dense rivers. It’s stability means a lot of people are using it for fishing and snorkeling, too.

Quick to Inflate

Set up for the boat takes just 6 minutes using the foot pump provided to fill up the three inflatable chambers, relatively faster than its’ competitors. This time is reduced significantly if you go with an electric pump.

Great for Kayaking With Kids

As it’s a a tandem inflatable kayak, the Sea Eagle 330 is a great kayak for taking kids out on the water. It’s very stable for improved safety and it’s lightweight enough for kids to help carry to the water.

3-Year Warranty

It’s great to know that Sea Eagle provide a 3-year “Manufacturer’s Warranty” with this kayak. This is much better than some brands which only give 1-year. For the price of the kayak, I think 3-years is more than adequate.

Buying Options

The Sea Eagle 330 is available in four different packages. You can get the basic package which has the foot pump and paddles. You can also get a “Pro Solo” package (as pictured above).

For a bit extra you can get either the “Pro” or “Deluxe” packages. The difference really is upgraded seats with better back support. There’s also a bag too (R.R.P $29.99) but many people opt for a large duffel-bag as it does the job and can also be checked in as luggage at airports.

If you fancy something a little bigger, the Sea Eagle 370 is longer, a three-seater and can carry up to 650lbs.

In Conclusion

The Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak embodies the values Sea Sport Kayaks stands up for: reliability, easy transportation, and quality performance all at an affordable cost.

It eliminates many of the major weaknesses and excels in the strengths associated with inflatable kayaks. For your next kayak purchase, the SE330 should be one of your top choices.

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