NRS Outlaw II Review

If you’re looking for a stable, reliable Inflatable Kayak that will handle Class III rapids with ease, look no further than the NRS Outlaw II.

Outlaw II Manufacturer Specifications

Length: 12”2”
Width: 39”
Weight: 35lbs
Material: PVC Coated Polyester
Warranty: 3 Years

The Outlaw II paddles fast, turns well and it’s so stable you can even stand in it like a SUP. It’s drop stitch floor lend it many characteristics of a hard shell kayak and it’ll still roll up and stow in the trunk of your car.

Drop-Stich Flooring

This is a self-bailing kayak with a removable drop-stitch floor that can be inflated to 8 – 10psi. The stiff floor adds more rigidity to the kayak and it turn makes it a lot more maneuverable.

It helps the kayak pull of quick direction changes with a great deal of panache. It also surfs over breaking waves without any folding that some IKS are susceptible too. To give you some idea of the difference, the floor is 4 times stiffer than the popular Aire Tomcat.

Wider Footprint

At just over 12′ long by 39” it’s small and wider footprint also gives the IK great stability when things get a little rough. Of course, this feature will sacrifice some speed when compared to rigid kayaks, but for light to moderate rapid floats it’s perfect.

Light Yet Durable

Weighing only 35lbs, the outlaw is pretty light so it doesn’t take a lot of flow to get you moving downstream. In fact, this inflatable kayak is durable enough to do a spot of Elf Boating should that take your fancy, too.

16” Rocker

NRS have also designed in a high-profile 16” Rocker. This helps the Outlaw ride up over waves rather than punching right through them. The result is less water comes onto the boat. The rocker also add to the handling of the Outlaw.


With the NRS Outlaw II being a tandem kayak, it provides the kayaker with a lot more options, particularly in the way of gear. If you paddle solo, the Outlaw should be good for up to 350lbs capacity. Naturally, the kayak will lose a great deal of it’s responsiveness if you load it to the max.

There’s been quite a few reports of people turning the Outlaw into a decent river fishing kayak. With the extra space and width I can see how this would be effective. Plus there’s the fact it’s firm and stable enough to actually stand in – which is a big plus for fishing.

As the price of the Outlaw II put’s it comfortably mid-range your budget could stretch to more fishing gear.

Slow Bailer

Where this particular whitewater inflatable kayak has problems is with the drainage. The drop fit floor fits very tightly and this affects the speed of drainage.

In rapids, you can expect it to be full of water for around 15 – 30 seconds. One thing it it’s favor is it’s wider seating width. It’s 4.5” wider than the comparable Tomcat IK and this lends to a greater displacement of water.

Seat Comfort

Another common problem inflatable kayaks have is with poor lumbar support. Sadly, the Outlaw II is also guilty of this. The inflatable thwarts can be used a backrest or seat.

Whilst this is fine for day-paddling, you’ll certainly wish for something with more back support on longer journeys.

3-Year Warranty

NRS stand behind their products and they have a reputation to protect in the kayaking industry.

For this price-point, a 3-year warranty is pretty good, much better than the 1 – year warranties I see attached to some comparable inflatable kayaks.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a well-priced, durable whitewater inflatable kayak, check out the NRS Outlaw II.

With performance levels close to a hardshell kayak, it’s an IK you can trust in Class III rapids. It has all the great features of an inflatable kayak too, so it’s even easier to take on your next adventure.

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