Advanced Elements Attack Kayak Review

If you’re looking for a whitewater inflatable and your not afraid of getting wet, Advanced Elements Attack kayak could be the one for you.

Advance Elements Attack Specifications

MODEL: Advanced Elements Kayak AE1050-Y
LENGTH: 9’6”
WIDTH: 35″
COLOR: Yellow / Gray

Great for All Abilities

This inflatable whitewater kayak is ideal for beginners and advanced paddlers alike. It’s stable and responsive which makes it great for novices and inexperienced paddlers. The Attack also has adjustable leg straps which allow advanced paddlers to roll it.

Self-Bailing Kayak

The Attack Kayak is a self-bailer which is definitely what you need if you plan on running class III rapids.

A non-bailer might be o.k in calmer waters (say class I or II) but be prepared for a heavier. less-responsive boat and your feet constantly submerged in water. Not fun in winter!


Advanced Elements have specifically designed this kayak for whitewater and it has no problem at all handling class III rapids. There’s a 12” rocker for quick turns and at 35” its extra width makes it incredibly stable.

When you’re not in a good current the amount of wobble is similar to a sit-on-top hardshell. There’s also a fair amount of glide which makes it a pleasure to paddle.

Puncture Proof?

Everybody’s main concern with an inflatable kayak is the chance that it may go “Pop!”. Advanced Elements have double layered 840 dernier PVC tarpualin on the hull and triple-layered it on the tubes. This means you shouldn’t have to worry about damage from rocks.

Like many whitewater inflatable kayaks, it has 3 independent air chambers. If one springs a leak you should keep some buyoancy. A cool addition to the “Attack” is the hull abrasion rails which were designed to keep sharp abrasions away from the inner tubes.

Comfortable Seating

If you’ve been on an inflatable kayak, you’ll know the seating is very important. You don’t want them sliding around and some support is most welcome on longer paddles.

Advanced Elements have put in a really comfortable, adjustable seat with a lumbar-support backrest. The cushioned floor also makes the seat more responsive and better balanced. Just the thing for longer runs down-river.

Covered Storage That Drains

One of the unique features of this inflatable kayak is it’s self-draining rear cargo hold. It’s covered so you’re able to put a couple of dry bags in there. This lets you take food, water, cook stoves and dry clothes with you.

Compact & Portable

It’s compact and portable enough to take off the beaten track. When deflated, it rolls into a backpack so it’s ideal to take hiking. At only 15kg it won’t be a burden and this also means it’s breeze to take on flights, too.

Prepare To Get Wet!

Unlike the Aire Lynxx II which crests waves, the Attack kayak punches right through the middle of them. As this is an open sit-on-top kayak, you must be prepared to get a bit wet.

Unless you like paddling with a wet butt a wet suit or dry suit to run the choppier rivers.

Attack Kayak Drawbacks

For me, the biggest drawback with this whitewater kayak is the short warranty.

Advanced Elemets only provide a 1-year’s manufactuers warranty. Compare that with Aire who provide 10 years for their kayaks. O.k, Aire is much more expensive but I feel 2 / 3 years would be more in line with other brands of inflatable kayaks.

Tthe other noticable thing are the zippers on the hull are in line with your ankles when using the thigh straps. Only a small problem, but one to be aware of.

Overall Performance

The Advanced Elements Attack Kayak deserves to be in the top 5 inflatable whitewater kayaks. It performs well, is reliable and convenient to transport and carry.

It’s also a few hundred dollars cheaper than something like a hardshell “Dagger” and the covered storage means you can stay out for longer.

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