Category: Inflatable Kayak Accessories

Kayak Pump

Perhaps the most important inflatable kayak accessory is a pump. If you buy new kayak, chances are it will come with a foot pump.

There are a number of electrical pumps on the market today. They can significantly reduce inflation time and ensure your kayak is inflated to the right pressure.

Kayak Paddles

A paddle and a pump come with most inflatable kayaks. However, they are frequently low-quality and generic. Lots of kayakers opt for new paddles to better suit their paddling style.

Life Vest / Life Jacket

Safety on the water should always be our first priority. There’s a number of great life vests and jackets for all ages available.


Seats are included with a lot of inflatable kayaks. However, a lot of kayakers choose to upgrade them to models which provide better lumbar support.

Paddling Shoes

An essential accessory for kayaking that many people tend to overlook is a good pair of paddling shoes or wetshoes.

Kayak Helmet

If you’re looking to do a bit of whitewater kayaking, a good kayak helmet is going to be a great idea.

Westuit / Drysuit

A westsuit or drysuit (if the water is warm enough) will improve your level of comfort and keep you paddling for longer.

UV Protectant

To get the most use out of you inflatable kayak, you should apply a 303 UV protectant periodically and protect your kayak against the sun and elements.

Kayak Fishing Accessories

Many people love to combine fishing and kayaking. There’s a number of accessories such as mounts, rod holders and coolers.

Kayak Sail

Take a rest from paddling and harness the power of the wind with a kayak sail.

Kayak Water Reservoir

A recent but most welcome innovation is the kayak water reservoir. It can be lashed to your kayak and provide around 100 fl oz of water.

Foot Brace

A foot brace is a great accessory as it helps you maintain the right position in your kayak. This in turn will provide better balance, control and comfort.

Adjustable Foot Pegs

Foot pegs that you can adjust to your size will make your float much more comfortable.  They also provide better stability and leverage when paddling.

Thigh Straps

If you’ve purchased a creeker, it may or may not have come with thigh-straps. They are advised in inflatable kayaks for better control and to keep you connected to it.

Kayak Anchor

Strangely enough, an anchor is never included with many new inflatable kayaks. They come in especially handy for activities like snorkeling and fishing though.

Inflatable Repair Kit

A repair kit is one of those accessories you feel better having but hope you never use. They are usually included with new kayaks but you can also buy a number of additional repair patches, sealants and adhesives.