After buying an inflatable kayak, you’ll be all set for an memorable adventure off the beaten path. You’ll also be able to go places and explore areas of the world that you would never have dreamed possible.

On this website, we’ll show you the best inflatable kayaks for sale and all the information you need to get the right kayak at the right price.

Before Buying An Inflatable Kayak

There are several things to consider before buying an inflatable kayak. There’s the obvious price issue. What can I afford and will it be any good? You should also consider the following:

Sizes of Inflatable Kayaks

Do you need a one, two, or three-person kayak? There’s something special about sharing a kayak with a favorite pet, child, friend, or loved one. There’s also something unique and enjoyable about being your own captain. Several people on a voyage together in single kayaks can certainly increase the feeling of adventure.

You can even get larger, 4-person sized inflatable kayaks to take more friends and family along for the ride.

The fact is, there are  inflatable kayaks of all sizes. There’s even ones that have inter-changeable seats so you can change a tandem inflatable kayak into a solo one. It’s always great having more options.

What is the Best Inflatable Kayak?

If you’re looking to buy the best inflatable kayak, you first need to decide the type you need. Practically all the major kayak manufacturers such as Coleman, Sevvlyor, Sea Eagle, Steams and Rei make great models. It all depends on what you plan on doing in it.

If you’re just looking to paddle and enjoy the scenery, there are a lot of inflatable kayaks for you. However, if you are looking for more than that there are some extra things to keep in mind.

Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

Do you want to be able to fish while kayaking?  If you simply buy any kayak and try to fish from it, you’ll be frustrated. It just won’t work how you had hoped.

Most inflatable fishing kayaks come with extra protection on the deck to prevent puncture from a hook. Nothing will put a damper on your trip than a mishap of that magnitude while fishing in a standard kayak.

Inflatable Whitewater Kayaks

If you’re thinking of buying a whitewater inflatable kayak, it pays to do some research. This type of kayak needs to be tough, durable and at the same time handle well.

You’ll want something that can successfully take the beating of downed limbs and rocks. Choosing a kayak not specifically designed for whitewater rapids could do more than give you a bad outing. It could put you and those you care most about in serious danger.

Inflatable Ocean Kayaks

There are also  kayaks specifically build for salt water. That’s what you’ll want if you foresee taking your kayak to sea (no pun intended).

Just so you know what you’re really getting into, let’s look at some pros and cons of inflatable kayaks:

Easy To Transport, Carry, and Store

This one alone is a great selling point for many and is where inflatable kayaks really shine. They are very convenient and can be carried into remote bodies of water with greater ease. Also, they fit into smaller spaces for both storage and transport. Some of the best inflatable kayaks

Very Durable

If you make a quality choice about the kind of kayak you buy, you’ll be wowed by how tough their materials are. They’re made to last a long time and many come with several year manufacturer warranties.

Great Stability

Inflatable varieties are arguably safer than the hard ones. They generally contain several air compartments so that if one loses air, you’re not going down. Life preservers are often built into the designs as well.

They also handle surprisingly well in the water and are very stable. In most cases, an inflatable kayak is wider than a hard kayak meaning that you’re more likely to tip in a traditional one.


Inflatable Kayaks cost less than their hard-shell relatives. This opens up the hobby to those who are intimidated by a big purchase or don’t even know if they’ll like it.  This also makes them great options for kids who jump from hobby to hobby.

Fun for The Whole Family

Kayaking is a great way to introduce kids to the great outdoors and away from computers and cellphones. There’s a lot of great inflatable kayaks for kids and you can even take your family pet along too!

Save On Government Fees

Another pro that often is not talked about is the fact that you might save on the Government fees. Usually, hard-bottom boats and kayaks need to have registration stickers bought and applied. However, this often does not include inflatable watercraft such as float tubes and inflatable kayaks.

Although there are many very good reasons to purchase an inflatable kayak, there are a few cons. You’d be skeptical if there weren’t at least some, right?

You May Lose Air

This will happen at some time when you own one. It’s a given. They are durable and there are adequate tools to make a repair. This will never be an issue if you buy a hard bottom variety.

However, the majority of inflatable kayaks take around 5 – 6 minutes to fully-inflate with a hand-pump. With an electric pump it’s even easier and the time could be as little as 2 – 3 minutes.
Should you lose air out on the water, the best inflatables have 3 main air chambers. This means you’ll still maintain enough buoyancy to make it back to shore for repairs.

Reduced Speed

Inflatable Kayaks are not as fast as a traditional kayak. Generally, they do not maneuver as good as one either. One of the reasons for this is because inflatable kayaks are generally wider. It’s really a trade-off, though. They may not be as fast but the wider pontoon-sides make for a much more stable vessel.

Make Your Memories Happen!

Inflatable kayaks make great purchases and allow you to pursue your adventure dreams with minimal hurt to your wallet.

The beauty of it all is that you can create an adventure to remember for years to come that was of your making. There was no itinerary from an outside source; just your map and a dream. You’ll be truly amazed by the beauty to be found even in your own backyard. Likely, what you find will develop in you a deeper love and appreciation for the outdoors.